All aspects of our outdoor environment have been carefully planned to provide a wide range of challenging and exciting opportunities that support all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.  We are constantly planning more imaginative ways to use our gardens to help our children – whatever their age, whatever the weather - reaping the benefits of their time at Meadows. 

Our secure, sensory walled garden where our younger children grow and blossom offers many opportunities for babies to take their first steps, develop their gross motor skills and flourish feeling the elements on their faces and through their hair.

With triple mountain buggies and wellies at the ready our children access the working dairy farm from a very early age.  As the farm changes season by season you will see many changes in your own child. 

In our foundation garden Granny’s cottage has a vegetable plot and aromatic herb bed nestled in fruit trees.  The modern town house with its patio pots enables all our children to nurture and care for growing plants.  As well as dwellings for imaginative role play there are opportunities to take on the role of scientific explorer investigating our mini beast plantation and bug hotel.

Gross motor and hand eye coordination skills are developed while grappling with the traversing wall, balancing and climbing skills are fine tuned in the physical development area.  Children can dig, bury and build in the large sand pit surrounded by dense jungle vegetation.  The creativity pergola provides opportunities for painting, chalk drawing and weaving - alone or with a friend - on a small or large scale.

Older children can also learn in our local woodland area. Playing in a magical natural classroom enhances communication, neural development and social skills whilst also offering possibilities for risk taking, different ways of moving, construction of special spaces and endless amounts of creativity, inspiration and spontaneity.


The best way to find out about us is to arrange a visit, we are located just off the A69 between Newcastle and Corbridge. Contact Margaret or Diane on 01661 836266 or e-mail us by clicking here.


Our older children will be visiting Windy West Wood throughout the Autumn.  This ever changing environment challenges children to take risks and collaborate with their peers.

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