Foundation Years provides an educational setting enveloped in the warm, relaxed and comforting environment of ‘home from home’. 

The sound of excited chatter and laughter fills the air, with children busily exploring the stimulating and challenging environments.  These have been carefully resourced and equipped, enabling exploration and investigation of the world around them. 

Children are encouraged to make choices and decisions for themselves supported by our caring team, who nurture each child’s self esteem and their belief in themselves as learners.  We promote and encourage independence and problem solving skills.

Following the Early Years Foundation Stage we provide a rich and stimulating environment both in and out of doors, where children learn through real-life practical experiences.  Meadows is committed to creating an environment in which children can participate and achieve their full potential both socially and physically.  

We are an outstanding educational provider for children aged three to seven years inclusive.  Our aim is to ensure that all our children are happy, and we believe that through our schoolroom we can achieve an atmosphere in which each child will flourish and develop in school readiness.

Experiences within a child’s formative early years are exceptionally important.  Active early education is both fundamental and instrumental in helping to mould and establish your child’s views, values and vision in our ever-changing world where traditions are constantly being challenged and questioned.  We believe an education embedded in firm foundations is as relevant now as it has always been.  By placing strong emphasis on good manners, kindness and considerate behaviour, we foster respect for one another.

Our high quality and committed team ensures our children receive close individual attention and we introduce them to a wide range of opportunities.  In particular, there is a strong emphasis on healthy life style, outdoors and practical activities.  We have a reputation for helping each child to become purposeful and informed in their discoveries. We encourage children to fulfill their talents and potential whilst still allowing children to be children and the freedom to grow!

On leaving our happy, purposeful schoolroom ‘Meadownians’ are very well equipped for the next stage of their learning journey when they enter reception class at school.


The best way to find out about us is to arrange a visit, we are located just off the A69 between Newcastle and Corbridge. Contact Margaret or Diane on 01661 842424 or e-mail us by clicking here.


Meet the alien who needs to learn sociable rules and good manners – they may be going home with you.

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